Estimations & FAQ’s

Feel free to contact us today for a free starting estimate. Please read through the following FAQ’s and guidelines so you will have the necessary information on hand to help us provide you with the most accurate information possible.

*LeRoy Schroeder Contractor LLC, is a supplier only. We do not perform installations. Each contractor or mason will have their own preferred installation methods and product choices. These estimation guidelines and product descriptions are intended to serve as a starting point for igniting your imagination. Prices and final project costs will vary; consult your contractor for information specific to your project.


Q: How can I estimate what a stone project will cost?

A: All of our rock and stone products are priced by the ton. Since different style stones cover different sized surface areas, it is difficult to give an estimate until after the client has chosen the stone and submitted a clear description of the project. When preparing for an estimate, it is important to consider what the stone will be used for. Walls and fireplaces often require different products than walks and patios. The installation method can also affect the cost of the final project. It is important to consider the cost of base materials, cement, sand, and sealers when budgeting for your next project.

Here is a basic outline of things to consider when requesting a bid for stone:

  • How will the stone be used?
    • House or Building
    • Fireplace
    • Patio
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Sidewalk/Paths
    • Swimming Pool
    • Retaining Wall
    • Erosion Problems
    • Driveway/Parking
    • Firepit
  • Approximately how much surface area will need to be covered for each surface? (In other words, if you prefer one type of stone for your patio, and another stone type for your outdoor fireplace, calculate the surface areas separately.) Remember surface area = Length x Width.
  • If you are planning a path or patio, think about how you will prepare for a stable base. Will you be pouring a concrete pad for a base? Will you be using clay, limestone, shell or other packed base materials? Will you be using mortar between the stones or sand, crushed granite or gravel?
  • What type of installation method do you prefer? Do you want grout lines? If so, how narrow or wide do you prefer? Do you desire a drystack installation? Do you envision a mixture of stones and textures? Think about how you envision the final project so that you will be prepared to assist your mason or contractor in preparing your bid.

Q: Is there a delivery fee, and how far out do you deliver?

There is a delivery fee for less than 12 yards of material. Additional fees may apply depending upon location. Contact the office for an estimate.

The delivery fees will vary according to the ton and the delivery location.