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Compost, Mulch & Soil

Landscapers Mix


 A blend of bio-solids compost, and humus with a little sandy loam.


  • Ideal for raised beds, flower beds, and general landscape planting
  • Great all around product with many uses with a pH around 7
  • Landscapers Mix is specially blended to help balance pH and EC, all while maintaining the physical characteristics needed to provide a great growing substrate
  • It is designed with your landscape in mind, only providing the organic ingredients you need to amend your beds and not full of loam and sand
  • This product is ideally suited for a blend in place application using the soil that is already there
  • Good porosity and moisture retention
  • High in organic matter and plant available micro and macro nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium Potassium, Copper, Iron, etc.

Enriched Topsoil






Mushroom Compost

  • This product gives you all of the benefits without the smell of the raw product.
  • Great for topdressing, amending a bed, or using in a soil blend for vegetable gardens.
  • This is a mature mushroom compost, re-composted to ensure maturity is reached so that nitrogen leaching will not occur
  • A light, fluffy compost manufactured using sawdust as the carbon source and raw mushroom compost from a mushroom growing facility as the nitrogen source.


Red Pine Bark Mulch


The Pine Bark Mulch is produced using de-barking operations in saw mills. Once the bark is received, the mulch is further processed with grinders, and screens to make an aesthetically pleasing bark product that can be used to mulch flowerbeds or containers. Works great for moisture retention, and can actually help buffer the pH for those acid loving plants.


Hardwood Mulch

Produced from all natural forest products. It is naturally aged and double shredded, designed to be easy to spread and rake but still interlock to provide great moisture retention for root systems.


Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch is made from native trees from the Texas Hill Country. This mulch is fine textured, red to brown in color, and a long lasting option for your landscape.

Cedar mulch also has the reputation for repelling insects.